LPG Sequential regulator AT13 SUPER reducer

LPG Sequential regulator AT13 SUPER reducer

Jiaxing Lineng Autogas Equipment Co., Ltd.


1. single stage pressure reducer
2.equipped with a solenoid valve and an integrated filter unit at the inlet
3.permits very high peformance
4.allows big LPG flow rates and maintains a very stable exit pressure in every condition
5.easy to install and maintain


Product Details


Die-cast aluminium body



Dimensions (mm)

120x160x115 mm

Max inlet pressure

3 MPa (30 bar)

Outlet pressure

100 —— 250 kPa

Coil voltage

12 V DC

Coil power

17 W

Coil connection

Fast-on (amp on request)

Inlet connection

M12x1 pipe Ø 8 mm

Outlet connection

Fixed fitting Ø 13.5 mm

Engine power

up to 250 kW

LPG flow rate

up to 62 kg/h

Working temperature

-20° C/+120° C