LPG CNG Switch

LPG CNG Switch Manufacturers

Jiaxing Lineng Autogas Equipment Co., Ltd., as an lpg cng switch manufacturer, is responsible for the wholesale and sale of high-quality lpg cng switches.This lpg cng switch can be used for ECU MP48, MP48 OBD and 2568D.

Main Features:

  1. To Control petrol-autogas change -over for CNG/LPG efi cars.
  2. For petrol start-up, when engine revolution speed drops from high to the set point, the system switch to gas mode automatically.
  3. When press the red switch, the system can start up in gas mode compulsorily.
  4. 5-level gas level display.

Product Details:

  • Injection with sequential system for choose
  • Digital switch
  • 725A,722A
  • MP48 switch, STAG switch,2568 Switch
  • CNG Switch