LPG Regulator

LPG Regulator Manufacturers

Jiaxing Lineng is an lpg regulator supplier. The lpg regulator is a device that can keep the downstream pressure stable regardless of changes in the gas flow rate and upstream pressure.
The biggest function of the lpg regulator is to keep the gas at a stable pressure when in use, so as to ensure a stable fuel-to-air ratio (the ratio of gas to air) for gas appliances; a pressure regulator is used in the gas supply system to reduce and stabilize the gas pressure At an appropriate level that enables the gas to be used safely, economically and efficiently.

Main Features:

  1. Single stage pressure reducer.
  2. Equipped with a solenoid valve and an integrated filter unit at the inlet.
  3. Permits very high peformance.
  4. Allows big LPG flow rates and maintains a very stable exit pressure in every condition.
  5. Easy to install and maintain.
  6. Applying to car, bus and truck (CNG, LNG and LPG fuel system).

Product Details:

  • Single point system
  • Sequential Injection system
  • compact and reliable
  • easy to install and maintain
  • LPG Reducer