Timing Advance Processor

Timing Advance Processor Manufacturers

Jiaxing Lineng is timing advance processor manufacturers and suppliers. The timing advance processor can adjust the original vehicle's ignition time by adjusting crankshaft position sensor signals send to its ECU control system, which can advance the original coil of the ignition point and optimize the operation of the engine when using LPG and CNG.

Main Functions:

1.Changing the engine spark advance time when running on natural gas and restore the original spark advance every time you switch to gasoline supply.
2.The increase in spark advance during the higher octane gas operation improves engine performance.

Product Details:

  • 510N,511N,515N 518N.
  • Cobra,Spider,Puma
  • CNG Time advance processor
  • LPG Timing advancing
  • CNG LPG kits