Map Sensor

Map Sensor Manufacturers

As a map sensor and autogas map sensor manufacturer and supplier, Lineng's products are used in many fields. It is connected to the intake manifold with a vacuum tube, which senses the vacuum change in the intake manifold with the engine's different speed loads.

Main Feature:

1.Applying to 3-cylinders, 4-cylinders, 6-cylinders, 8-cylinders engine.
2.Have the MAP sensor, combustion efficiency is higher.
3.Circuit optimization, stronger anti-interference ability.
4.Automotive connectors, long time use.
5.Use advanced technology, to ensure accurate air-fuel ratio.
6.Equipped with multi-function switch.

Product Details:

  • MAP sensor Pins 4pins and 5pins.
  • Use for MP48 and STAG PS02
  • Gas pressure and Vacuum pressure sensor
  • CNG LPG MAP sensor
  • With brand Chip, long time life