Nvg Cng Manometer 5v Pressure Gauge For Conversion System

Nvg Cng Manometer 5v Pressure Gauge For Conversion System

Jiaxing Lineng Autogas Equipment Co., Ltd.



 1. Formal dimension mm h 52x35 The screw thread of interface is the metric system tube screw thread M14x15

 2. Inspective pressure: 0-200 bar

 3. Input voltage: DC12V

 4. Output voltage: 5-0V


Product Details


 The wiring harness of connecting with sensor:

 1. The short BROWN wire which connected with circular connector in the one and connects with the cathode of electrical source(or to the ground

 2. The WHITE wire connects with the tolerance signal importer of the change-over switch

 3. The GREEN wire connects with the +12V electrical source



 1. The connection should be correct. After installing, it could work accurately without adjusting

 2. After filling with GAS, if the pointer of manometer is showed correcty and the RED light is on at all times, that means the manometer sensor is broken if the change-over switch is natura



 1. Deferent signals: sensor exports HIGH-EVEN signal when it is empty and he sensor exports LOW-EVEN signal when it is full of GAS

 2. Applicable change-over