CNG Sequential Gasoline Direct Injection GDI DGI ECU

CNG Sequential Gasoline Direct Injection GDI DGI ECU

Jiaxing Lineng Autogas Equipment Co., Ltd.


1.Model: LN-GDI

2.Voltage: DC 10V-16V

3.Working Temperature: -20°C~ +105°C

4.Current absorption with the actuators disabled: Imax ≤ 0.5A


Product Details

1 Fit for various cars with direct injection engine in the market.
2 Easy adjustment.
3 Advanced OBD funtion - the original car's correction value and the fault code can be read, and the original car's fault can be cleared automatically or manually.
4 Built-in high-precision timing advance angle(0.1°CA), suitable for vriety cars, advance angle clould be calibrated via MAP.
5 The remaining fuel consumption for each working condition can be flexibly adjusted with an accuracy of 0.01ms. According to adjustment of the remaining pulse width, the fuel replacement rate can reach more than 85%.
6 Fully developed by our factory with high customization capability.7 Compared with some systems that only support fixed models, our system has better data support for models, better technical support and strong after-sales team.

LPG/CNG Sequential Gasoline Direct Injection GDI DGI ECU

Use for TSI TFSI SIDI GDI D4T D4ST Engine specialized converting electronic control systems