Sharing of Tips for Saving Gas By Natural Gas Vehicles

Summary: With the advent of natural gas vehicles and the upsurge of changing the oil to gas, many car owners have driven natural gas vehicles. As the name sug...

With the advent of natural gas vehicles and the upsurge of changing the oil to gas, many car owners have driven natural gas vehicles. As the name suggests, natural gas vehicles are vehicles that use natural gas as fuel. They are energy-saving and environmentally friendly and are widely accepted by everyone. In fact, driving a natural gas vehicle has gas-saving tricks. Mastering the following five points will save natural gas fuel even more.

1. Lightly step on the accelerator and gradually accelerate the start

Intense driving and the pursuit of speed are sometimes contradictory. If you want to save gas, you have to avoid heavy stepping on the accelerator when starting, which will increase the gas consumption by 2 to 3 times compared with normal speed. In fact, heavy pedaling and gradual acceleration are required to reach a speed of 60 kilometers per hour. The time difference between the two opening methods is less than 10 to 20 seconds. If you want to save gas, don't grab the pleasure of more than ten seconds.

2. Keep the distance between cars and reduce the frequency of braking

If you do not maintain the distance between vehicles, the brakes will be stepped on frequently as the driving conditions of the vehicle ahead. When braking, the auto-shifting gear will drop. When speeding up, the car will have to pull up from the low gear again, start at a standstill or start at low gear, and the engine will have to consume a higher amount of gas.

Secondly, the method of driving is very important. The straight-line distance between the two points is the shortest. If you change lanes often, the driving distance will be longer. This will also consume more gas. Changing lanes requires you to step on the accelerator heavily in order to overtake. Will increase naturally.

3. Keep the speed limit exceeded

The higher the speed, the greater the gas consumption. The resistance of a car is squared with the speed, not directly proportional. The higher the speed, the greater the wind resistance and the greater the driving resistance. The speed is within 100 and 120 kilometers per hour, which is relatively gas-saving. If the speed is too low or too high, it will cost more natural gas.

4. Stable driving and good driving habits

Vehicle deviation is also one of the main reasons for gas consumption. The four-wheel imbalance will cause the engine to provide more power, which will consume more gas. Therefore, standardizing the driver’s driving rules and developing good driving habits saves gas consumption. Normal action.

5. Strengthen self-inspection

Timely maintenance If the gas consumption suddenly increases, there may be problems with the equipment. Most of the problems are caused by a loose joint or leaky seal. You should go to a professional maintenance place for inspection in time to avoid air leakage and cause greater accidents.

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